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A Williams not named Mo leads Cavaliers to win over 'Blazers

Championship teams find ways to win, and get contributions from those you'd least expect it from.  With Jamario Moon out for the next 3 weeks, the Cavaliers were a bit short at the 3 and 4 position.  

During the Washington game, Mike Brown surprised Jawad WIlliams by calling him into the game early in the 2nd Quarter.  Williams performed, specifically on the defensive end, and is getting minutes at crucial times. Tonight, Williams paid dividends when the Cavaliers needed it most, hitting a couple huge threes and 2 late Free Throws on his way to a career-high 10 points in the Cavaliers 106-94 win over Portland.

Williams was also a +16 on the night, tying Shaq and LeBron for the team lead.

It was another perfect example of LeBron James proving he is the best all-around player in the NBA.  After scoring 20 points in the 1st Quarter - 31 in the first half - James became the distributor in the 2nd Half which allowed his Cavaliers teammates to be ready to when the game was on the line.  For the game, James scored 41 points, 10 boards and 8 assists and was much more efficient, needing just 19 shots to score his 41.

It was another good night for Shaq - 11 points, 11 rebounds - who once again proved where his worth this season lies.  O'Neal drew 10 fouls on the Blazers in 24 minutes, and most impressively went 5-8 from the Free Throw line.  His size is going to create problems for everyone the Cavaliers play, and allows the Cavaliers to get to the line early and often.  The Cavaliers made the most of those chances, making 25/30 from the stripe(83%).

Brandon Roy scored 34 for Portland, who fell behind by points at the half before climbing back to within 4 at the end of 3.  Portland never could get over the hump, however, as the Cavaliers defense allowed just 16 points in the 4th quarter.

It's time people start to understand the Anderson Varejao is a lot more than a crazy hairdo and 'flopping'.  What Andy brings to the floor, on both ends, cannot be tallied on a score sheet but just watch the game and you see.  During the 4th Quarter, Varejao switched on every pick-n-roll, checking Brandon Roy and Andre Miller at different times, forcing Roy into some tough shots - and a couple turnovers - during a crucial stretch in the 4th Quarter.

Mo Williams had a tough night, but hit a big 3 in the 4th quarter, scoring 16 points on 5-15 shooting.

A tough back-to-back upcoming with a trip to see the Warriors.  While LeBron tallied 45 minutes, games against the Warriors are much like a playground game - little defense, tons of offense and lots of fun.  The Cavs will be ready.