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REPORT - Delonte West injures finger, status unknown

The Cavaliers couldn't spend too long celebrating their win over the Lakers last night.  Not with what could be becoming a huge problem in the back-court, and fast!

Brian Windhorst explains - 

Delonte West suffered an injury to the ring finger on his left hand late in the fourth quarter after chasing a loose ball. West, who is left-handed, was able to finish the game but was in discomfort afterward. The Cavs did not announce the injury but he's expected to have tests on the finger at the Cleveland Clinic on Friday.

He left the The Q wearing a split on the finger, it was not clear if he'd had x-rays before leaving

Of course, any serious injury to the finger and the Cavaliers could be in a real bind.  They really don't have much left in terms of ball handlers, minus Boobie Gibson, and like Delonte he's not really a distributor of the basketball.  There will be more to come, I'm sure, but if they were hedging before, the Cavaliers will almost assuredly have to bring in another point guard now.