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Delonte West has broken finger; Longterm status unknown

Here is what we do know about Delonte West and his injury.  West broke the ring-finger on his shooting hand last night against the Lakers chasing down a loose ball.  We know West will not play Saturday Night against the Oklahoma City Thunder.  After that, only time will tell.

The Cavaliers are still considering all their options regarding West, and the suddenly razer-thin depth at PG following injuries to West and Mo Williams.  Daniel Gibson will get the start at PG against the Thunder - an opportunity to gain back the minutes he lost when Mike Brown went with bigger lineups that included Anthony Parker, West and Jamario Moon.

"The last couple weeks, I've been hoping to catch some minutes and it looks like now I got my wish," Gibson said. "I just want to go out there and have fun. That's going to be my biggest thing, just enjoy the moment. You get these opportunities and when they come you just want to take advantage of them."

As for bringing in help at the point, Mike Brown says the team is looking at all their options, though there are factors to consider.

We may have to do it by committee," said Brown, "One, is how long is he [West] going to be out for? The second one is, knock on wood, what if Gib goes down? Nobody thought that Delonte would go down in the game after Mo.

"We have capable ballhandlers."

Of course, the best ball-handler on the team is likely LeBron James, who does a bulk of the distribution, especially late in games.  That will mean Gibson will need to step in and hit shots - something he has done when give the chance this season.