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Potent Quotables - The Skeptics 'skepticize' Edition


(On tonight's game):
"It was a gutty win. If you told me before the game that we were going to go 20-40 from the free throw line and 17 turnovers compared to their nine turnovers and that we would find a way to somehow win the game, I would be a little surprised and a little shocked. It's a good team, a well-coached team. Scott Brooks does a nice job with those guys in that locker room."

(On Daniel Gibson's three-pointer to take the lead late in the game):
"Obviously it was a great push by LeBron at the end of the game and a big shot by Gib. (LeBron) trusted his teammate, he saw his teammate open and threw it ahead after the drive and kick. Gib stepped up and knocked it down."

(On Shaq's play tonight):
"Shaq kept us in the game, especially when there were droughts that we went through of not being able to score. We were able to play through him and he was able to pick up fouls on our opponent and get us in the bonus early so we could get to the free throw line 40 times."

(On LeBron's play as of late):
"LeBron has played fantastic basketball as of late. This stretch of six games or so, dating back to Utah or even a couple games before that, he has played extremely well. He has been very aggressive, taken terrific shots at the right time, passed the ball at the right time, defended, brought us energy and juice, rebounded and has just played like he is head and shoulders above a lot of people right now...He put us on his shoulders again tonight and hit some big shots for us time and time again."

(On LeBron's block of Durant at the end of the game):
"Kevin Durant did a terrific job of getting to the rim and getting to the foul line the entire game. We switched LeBron on to him for that play and what a spectacular block. What a great play. He set (himself) in the correct direction and when (Durant) went up to shoot the ball, he didn't even give it a chance to go in. Heck of a block. Heck of a play defensively."

(On how many players in the NBA could make that block):
"Maybe (just) LeBron. I don't know. There are things that he does out there that not many people can do. It was a great defensive play."

(On defending Kevin Durant):
"He is one of the toughest covers in the league, not only for us, but for anybody. Being 6'10" and being able to come off of pin-downs like he can do and being able to shoot the three-ball with range, he is a tough cover. They set a lot of screens for him and being 6'10"-6'11", he moves very well. People don't comment on his ability to move without the ball. Not only to move without the ball, but to do it the whole flippin' game. It's not like he does it for a quarter and he's tired or anything like that; he does it the whole game: Coming off of screens and changing pace, catch curls and goes, catches for his jump shot, he bounces back for a three...He is a tough cover for anyone in the league because of his size. The thing I like about our team is we have some length to be able to put some different guys on him at different times."


(On blocking Durant at the end):
"You knew they were going to Durant. He's an unbelievable player. I take just as much pride on the defensive end as I do the offensive end. He isolated me at the top. All game I was thinking he's been facing up and going right to get a lot of good looks. I tried to force him left to give him a different look, then stay on his hip to make a play on the ball and get a game-winning block. That was big. We allowed him to get 34 points and a lot of them in the fourth quarter, which isn't us. We just needed to get a few stops or maybe just one stop. It came down to the last possession for us."

(On the magnitude of win):
"It is one of our bigger wins. To be down two (M. Williams, D. West) of our ball handlers and win was huge. It's not even the scoring, but it's them being able to get us into our sets. Gibson did an unbelievable job coming in and I try to do my best in running the offense as much as possible. Even though we shot 20-40 from the free throw line and had more turnovers than they did, to get that win is impressive."

(On assisting on Gibson's game-winning three):
"They were up one and after Westbrook missed the shot, I pushed the ball up the court. The whole defense was geared towards me and I have a lot of confidence in him. I found him streaking down the left wing and I gave him a perfect pass and he knocked down the biggest shot of the game."

(On Shaq tonight):
"Shaq was impressive. He's going to have to do that with Mo being out. We know he can be very aggressive, get to the line a lot by getting the other team in the penalty, which is really good. He also made a lot of easy shots, especially in the third quarter and in the first half when we were kind of sluggish."


(On his production level increasing with the injuries):
"With those guys down, I'll probably get a few more touches. Because of my age, teams are probably not going to double team me, but my whole career I've shot 55-60 percent so if I can get it in my area, I can go do what I do."

(On getting more touches in the future as a result of the injuries):
"I'm here to do whatever. I was never worried about scoring, I've done a lot of scoring in my career, but the guys know that if we need a bucket, they can come to me. One thing I can do is make the defense pay attention to what I'm doing and create better shots for other people. If they need me to take a lot of shots, I will and I will make most of them."

(On the importance of this win given the injuries and Durant's performance):
"I love this team because we never panic. Not ever. That will help us out in the long run. I just love the guys for not panicking. When we went up by one, we could have easily panicked but LeBron, being the smart player he is, drove to the hole real hard... and being the great team player he is kicked it to Boobie. Even though Boobie was struggling, you can't let him shoot it all night because the one we needed he hit."

(On LeBron's block):
"That's why he's the best player in the game now. He's a team player, gives up the ball and makes the big shots."

(On his skeptics):
"The only skeptics that can skepticize me are the skeptics that have been where I've been."


(On playing with LeBron and Shaq):
"It's great. They'll let you know what position to be in. They take care of you and always look out for you."

(On what he was feeling when he entered the game for the first time):
"I couldn't breathe for a minute. I was trying to gasp for air. I was just praying really hard because I worked hard for this."


(On what LeBron said to him after he hit the last shot):
"He knew I was coming. Not for one second in the whole game did he ever doubt me because I missed a couple of shots. He said to me, ‘you have to know it's coming'. I did because that's the type of player he is."

(On LeBron's block):
"That put the icing on the cake right there."