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Game #46 - Cleveland Cavalies at Miami Heat Game Night Open Thread

2009/2010 NBA Regular Season
23-20 34-11
January 25, 2010
American Airlines Arena
7:30 PM et
Radio - WTAM 1100 / FSNOhio HD; NBATV
Probable starters:
Rafer Alston PG Daniel Gibson
Dwyane Wade SG Anthony Parker
Quentin Richardson SF LeBron James
Michael Beasley PF J.J. Hickson
Jermaine O'Neal C Shaquille O'Neal

Rafer Alston. Just the sheer thought of 'Skip-to-my-Lou' is enough to have me waking up in a cold sweat. Yes, the Cavaliers were killed on many fronts during the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals against the Magic, but it was Alston's performance - especially from deep - in Games 3 and 4 that really did the Cavaliers in. In those game, Alston scored a combined 44 points on 8-16 shooting from behind the arc. A role player, a guy that was a career 35% 3-point guy, killed the Cavaliers from deep.

I bring up Alston because he is now playing big minutes for the Miami Heat, after asking for, and being grated a buyout from the New Jersey Nets. Of course the Heat have a guy named Wade that the Cavaliers will be worried about.

Of course, if you look at the Heat, whose roller coaster of a season seems to go the way of Michael Beasley, containing Wade might be the goal - with looking to shut down Beasley the main focus. No matter what, without Delonte West and Mo Williams this is going to be a tough assignment.

3-in the Key

1. The Cavs will face their 4th consecutive +.500 team. The Cavs are 20-5 in games against teams above .500

2. The Cavs have more road wins(17) than anyone in the NBA and LeBron James leads the NBA in road scoring(31.4 ppg)

3. Cleveland has won three straight over the Heat, 2 in a row at American Airlines Arena