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Potent Quotables - Brown beats Brown edition


(On tonight's game):

"You have to give Charlotte credit. They did a heck of a job...they were well prepared coming in here and executed their game plan. They hit some big shots, including two big three's down the stretch to gain the separation. Throughout the course of the game, offensively we got to a lot of shots late in the shot clock. It was a situation where we didn't get great shots. You have to attribute that to the way Charlotte defended us, sometimes trapping us and forcing us to be real slow getting into our offense."

(On taking only 13 free throws):
"I thought we did (attack the rim)...I don't think that's where we necessarily won or lost the game. Our guys were fairly aggressive tonight."

(On offensive execution):
"We didn't have a great flow offensively. It starts with getting into our offense a little slower. They pressured us when we crossed half court and you have to give them credit."

(On the Cavaliers' defense):
"I thought it was good. We played the right way a couple of times (down the stretch), but they hit a couple of shots. On Flip's big three, we extended the play the right way and we were able to contest the shot. He was a couple of feet behind the three-point line and he hit it. You have to give him credit."


(On dealing with today's slower pace):

"We had always been a good team with being able to adjust to the pace of the game. I just think, at times, we looked kind of stagnant on the offensive end and allowed them to just be comfortable."

(On his final shot attempt to send the game in overtime):
"I definitely thought I had a good shot at it, a good look at it. With 2.5 (seconds), you just have to try to get one up there."

(On whether the team needs a practice to work on offense and rest):
"I think that will help. Right now, everybody is a little sluggish, a little tired. The day off tomorrow will definitely help us get our legs back under us. I think that has a little bit to do with it. We'll use tomorrow really wisely and then get back to work on Tuesday."

(On why the Bobcats always give the Cavs a tough game):
"They get up for us. Honestly, it's a really talented team. They have some really good pieces and matchup really well with us. They definitely play us tough every time we play them and we know we have to have our hard hats when we play them."


(On Charlotte hitting shots down the stretch):
"They hit some big shots, some tough shots. That's what you do in big games down the stretch, and they did a good job."

(On the Cavs not having a strong offensive effort the past couple games):
"It's just one of those days. You can't expect to be great and sharp all of the time. We've been there before and our defense has won us games. It's just a point of them making shots down the stretch and executing."

(On needing the upcoming day off to rest):
"A day off will be great. We were just talking about it the other day - how it feels like we have played a lot of back-to-backs - but it's the nature of the business. If we would've won, we probably wouldn't be talking about it. I'm looking forward to (the day off)."