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Potent Quotables - Cavs - Wizards Edition


(On tonight's game): "It was a good win. Our bench was terrific. To have Anderson and Z combine for 24 points and 16 rebounds and then Delonte, who played well with six assists and 14 points, was a good evening from those guys. To have 29 assists on 43 baskets means we were moving the ball. I thought tonight we had some good possessions where we reversed the basketball. We've talked many times about getting teams to move (defensively) with a purpose. I thought we had multiple drives and kicks on some single possessions. That was good to see and if we can do that on the offensive end of the floor, we'll get a lot of assists like we did tonight."

(On Shaq tonight): "A lot of Shaq's buckets came from our guys driving and kicking or driving and dumping it into him. He spaced the floor correctly when someone drove. If teams are going to take their bodies off of him and go help on the drive, then as big as he is, we have guys who can get him the ball. Our guys did a great job of reversing the basketball and then also getting into the painted area to get Shaq touches rolling to the rim or stepping to the rim. I think he got a couple of and-1's just off that situation alone. It wasn't just us coming down and calling a play for the Big Fella, but it came off playing basketball the correct way to our principles."

(On Jawad Williams tonight): "Jawad is a tough kid. He does a nice job defensively in practice as he goes against LeBron everyday and makes him work. He's got some size to him so I felt we would take a look at Jawad on Caron without doubling. Our defense was in a nice flow and I didn't want us to start running around double-teaming. We wanted to see if Jawad's length would make Caron work."


(On the importance of winning the last game at home before going on a long road trip): "Absolutely. The west coast is always difficult no matter who you play. This long trip is going to be a challenge for us, but we're a good enough team to accept the challenge."

(On what the team worked on in practice yesterday): "We got a lot done, got a lot ironed out: learned what we need to do, what we need to get better at, had an opportunity to get into the film room and get on the court and do some live contact drills that really helped us out."

(On whether he was surprised by Arenas' suspension): "Surprised? No. Honestly, I'm not. My opinion was that he would probably get suspended indefinitely. It's tough. I know Gilbert; he loves the game of basketball. That's for anybody (it being tough not playing). For the game to be taken away from you, I know it's tough, but you have to use better judgment sometimes."

(On the Cavs scoring a season high in points): "We moved the ball, attacked (and) guys had open looks. We used it to our advantage. We played some really good basketball in the second quarter which allowed us to get a really big lead."

(On Jawad's play): "He played great. He's been waiting for his opportunity and he's worked hard every single day in practice waiting for his opportunity. With Jamario being out, he will be able to get some more reps with the first lineup and the second lineup because of his length and ability to defend. It's good to see him play well...The team believed in him in bringing him back for a second year, which has really helped him. Mike Brown has given him an opportunity and he has seized the moment."

(On whether he has anymore trick shots like the one from behind the basket that he made tonight): "I've got a few more. I'll save them for the west coast trip."


(On rebounding after Sunday's loss against a Wizards' team missing key players): "We lost one the other night, so we always come in the locker room and say that we never really want to lose two in a row. We are not really worried about what other teams are going through or what they are doing. We just want to try and get better."

(On the team playing at the top of their game tonight): "We are a very, very unselfish team. We are moving the ball, guys are shooting the ball well, guys are taking the high-percentage shots and guys are making the extra, extra pass. In the third quarter, we had a little lapse and they cut the lead to (11) points, but then we just turned it back on."

(On the upcoming road trip): "It will be a good test for us. We match up well with every team. This is one of those road trips where you have to be focused on every team, and I think we can beat them (all) if we do everything right. We just have to be focused and just do everything right and I think if we do that, then we will be fine."


(On Wizards coming back in 3rd quarter from 22-point halftime deficit): "Tonight's game was going to be a tough game just (because) of the back-to-back. Then, we find out that you don't have Gilbert (Arenas) at four o'clock, you're changing as far as on the fly. We came back, we competed. I thought Antawn Jamison was great. He got us back in the game and made some shots. Then, they (Cavs) went through a series where they made about four or five threes, it seemed, like right in a row and basically blew it open."

(On what he told the team after learning that Arenas was suspended): "I talked to them when we got over here before the game and said we just have to go out and we just have to play. Tonight's first half was similar to what it was last night. We didn't compete. From the beginning, it was like we were kind of waiting for what was going to happen and let somebody else do it. After halftime, we got out and we competed some until that one stretch where they made a lot of those shots."

(On picture of team last night regarding Arenas): "I'm not going to comment. I haven't seen a picture yet, so I'm not going to comment on that."

(On suspension by Commissioner David Stern): "I talked about that before the game. I just said, we have things as a league that we have to abide by. The Commissioner has the support of the Wizards from our release. You can see that he has our support."


(On team getting focus on the games): "I think that's what we have to do, we just have to concentrate on playing basketball."

(On team): "Right now, it's just trying to find ways to win basketball games. And, consistently put out a good product. I think some nights we play better than others. We have to be consistent. And, play consistently as we did in the Philly game (last night) instead of how we played tonight. It was a bad defensive effort. Weak side defense was terrible. We gave LeBron too many straight line drives to the basket. When you look at the tape, you're going to see that it wasn't one person. It was five guys making mistakes on defense and that can't happen."


(On team reaction to Gilbert Arenas last night, was it unacceptable to react in that manner): "I don't think we should have laughed at it. But, time and situation, Gilbert always plays around. We know him as always joking. At the time, our team was probably laughing, but it's not a laughing matter. And, we don't think it's a laughing matter. But, add the time and situation, that's who Gilbert is, so we took it for that. We're not trying to pin nobody, we're not trying to put up a wall of judgment, but to know Gilbert, if you've been around him, he always plays around and we took it, you know, the wrong way or we shouldn't have done it."

(On possible punishment of team): "I don't know what they'll do. Right now, it's like a black cloud over us. It's tough, if you hit us over the head again, we might break or something. It's a lot of stuff that we're dealing with right now, with Gilbert, Mike (Miller) has been out, and we're losing games. The media has been here every day, not because of winning, because of other stuff. We've been on TV every day, it's tough man. We don't know how to react to it. We've got a lot of young guys, older vets. This is my tenth year, and I've never been in a situation like this. So, just imagine all the young guys, it's tough and they don't know how to take it."

(On being team leader in 10th season): "I've been trying to be focused, try to come to the game and take a good approach. I think everybody has been doing that. ‘Twan is our leader, he has been doing the same thing. When the TV gets a hold of it, the media is here every day, it's hard not to think about it. You've got your family, people texting you, it's just hard to get away from it. At the same time, we're trying to deal with it the best we can, but it seems like we're messing up at the same time. We're human, we're just trying to get through this."

(On reaction to Arenas suspension just before the game): "It was a shock. I thought they weren't going to do anything until after the situation. David Stern is not taking things lightly. It's sad because we need Gilbert, just like tonight we didn't know and we had to play the Cavs, which is a good team and we still have to go out there, do our job and try to compete. It's just a lot of stuff going on and it's hard to play through this."