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Meet Your 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers -- Greg Stiemsma

Today we will look at the ultimate "new face" of the Cavaliers, someone who was signed to a contract for 2010-11 just a week ago. Greg Stiemsma, come on down, you are the next capsule on "Meet Your Cavaliers", and since you are a center and thus play a position we could sorely use help in -- stick around for a while.

Where Greg came from:

The 6' 11', 260-pound Stiemsma was born in 1985 in Randolph, Wisconsin, and attended the University of Wisconsin -- where he finished fifth in school history in total blocked shots with 96 -- before going to Europe to play. Greg signed a contract with the Cavaliers on September 24, 2010.

Where Greg has been:

After college Greg played for one of the top leagues in Europe with a team based in Turkey called Oyak Renault, before going to South Korea and signing the largest contract ever in that nation. He returned to the United States and played one season in the D-League for the Sioux Falls SkyForce before signing a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves in April of this year, but never played for the 'Wolves besides in the Summer League and was waived on September 10 and picked up by the Cavaliers two weeks later.

What Greg has achieved:

For the D-League SkyForce, after appearing in only one game in 2008-09, Stiemsma averaged 8.8 ppg on better than 50% shooting in 2009-10, as well as 7.1 rebounds per contest and a league-leading 3.5 blocks per game in 45 games. In three games in the playoffs, Greg averaged 15 points per game, as well as 10.7 boards and 4.3 blocks per tilt.

What we can expect to see from Greg in the coming season:

Let's not put the cart in front of the horse just yet. With zero NBA experience, there is no way to gauge what we have here in Stiemsma, and no way of knowing if he will be here when the Cavs tip off for the season opener against the Celtics later this month. But as it stands right now, it is fair to say that someone who led a league -- even if it was the D-League -- in blocks per game and amped that figure up even further in the playoffs, and who also shot over 50% from the field, is worth a long look. After all, what is there to lose?