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New LeBron James Commercial Continues To Drive Stake Into Cleveland

We keep being told to get over LeBron. Move on, we're told. Yet, for some reason, it is LeBron that seems to keep bringing up the results of his own actions. His latest Nike ad is another example of this. Look for yourself:

"What should I do?" is the question LeBron James continues to ask while images of his past flash across the screen.  Images of an empty Hall of Fame ceremony, taking shots at Charles Barkley, all of it screams of a wounded ego that LeBron is hoping can be healed with comedy and low-blows.

Perhaps worst of all, LeBron is trying to use this to make money - for himself and Nike.  The worst kind of prostitution.

What should you do?  How about be a man.  Stand up and make your own decisions.  Be a leader when times are tough, not a quitter.  Your teammates were no good?  That's on YOU LeBron.  You were the leader, or were supposed to be.  You failed.

What should LeBron do?  How about the same we keep being told.  Move on!  Get over it.  You will never be what you once were in your home state.  Now you can only hope to take over someone else's town.

With the season a couple days away it is LeBron James, not Cavs fans, that are having trouble moving on.  This latest disgrace of marketing is a prime example.  Perhaps some day LeBron will be able to stand up and move on himself.