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Time for your best Guesstimates

Well, this has been an interesting few days. First, it seemed as if I was going to be without a computer for an extended amount of time. You could say I thought for a while that my PC had decided to take its talents to Hawaii or something. Then it was fixed, then it wasn't, and now it is again, and just in time for the season.

Here we are, on the very cusp of our first season without you-know-who, and I am trying very hard, from my vantage point in Pennsylvania, to get a handle on how the Cavs might do this year.

The exhibition season was pretty good, and we saw some glimpses of future brilliance, and also flashes of what might translate into long nights or weeks. A 6-2 record is nothing to snort at (unless, of course, you're Mr. Ed), but just when such a preseason record feels good, I remind myself that the San Francisco 49ers went 4-0 in the NFL preseason and are now cruising along at 1-6 in games that count.

So how many games will the Cleveland Cavaliers win this year? And more importantly, will they make the playoffs?

I am really -- really -- going to have to rely on you guys this year. I will not get to see many games, since our Tom Hanks is no longer on the marquee and has been replaced by Don Knotts, and the Cavs will thus not be drawing the interest of national television very often. In other words, a lot of what I glean will come from your impressions of the games, your honest opinions of what you see on the court, and your instincts about what you see and hear. I will have to rely on box scores and game stories to write my own stories, and that is going to suck a little, the not-being-able-to-see-the-game-and-write-about-it-in-the-white-heat-of-having-just-"witnessed"-it.

All that being said, I am going to give you my gut feeling guess here of what we will see wins-and-losses wise and whether or not I think we will make the postseason...

...and I need your guesses and predictions as well.

Me first.

I think the Cavaliers will surprise a little this year, win more games than most experts think that they will. I would be surprised if Cleveland won less than 30 games, startled if they win more than 40. So, splitting the difference, I am going to predict that the Cavs go 35-47 and miss out on the playoffs by four games.

Of course there are those who think that, if we are going to suck, we should suck Big Time and get the best chance for a top lottery pick. I can see that line of reasoning, but I just can't "hope" for the Cavs to lose any game.

So there you have it, my "blind guess" for the coming season.

And now, give me your predictions, both for wins and for playoffs/not playoffs.

I am counting on your wisdom in this matter being greater than mine, since you can actually -- sigh -- see the games live.