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The Game Tonight Will Tell A Tale

Last night, during the game thread for the Toronto game, I mentioned that I had feared that there might be a letdown after the win over the Celtics the other night, and that the true test of the Cavs this season would be in how they performed against the teams they are more evenly-matched with.

Needless to say, last night did not go well -- but then again the Cavaliers were without Anderson Varejao and Mo Williams. So, truthfully, last night's game was not the best of barometers.

Someone else said that the game tonight against Sacramento is very important, because the Cavs need to keep the fans fired up at home, to paraphrase.

I agree with that assessment and I am wondering: How important do you see this otherwise unremarkable game tonight with the Kings? If the Cavs win does it wash away the taste of the loss last night? Or did the Raptors take the bloom off the rose of your excitement and/or hopes, even though the Cavs played short-handed?

Your thoughts, please.