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Brian Windhorst Leaves Plain Dealer, Will Cover Heat For ESPN

Cleveland lost another public figure to the Miami Heat - or at least to all the publicity surrounding the Heat.  Brian Windhorst, who has essentially grown up as a NBA Beat Writer along with LeBron James, has accepted an offer from ESPN to become part of their coverage of the Miami Heat.  The special coverage, called The Heat Index will follow the Heat's supposed quest to break Chicago's wins record and a NBA Championship.

"The Heat Index" will launch Oct. 11 on's NBA section with daily columns, videos and news on the NBA team, plus videos, audio, photos, social media elements and automated modules. The site will focus on breaking news and coverage of each Heat practice and game.

It will have an automated daily forecast called "Chase for 72" that will compute how many games the team needs to win to match the Bulls' record of 72 wins. It also will have an automated module that tracks LeBron James' progress toward averaging a triple-double for the season. It will collect tweets from Heat players and fans and have live chats during each Heat game.

Windhorst is one of the best in the business, from his time with the Akron Beacon-Journal until his switch to the Plain Dealer.  He's earned this and I wish him the best.