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Quotes From The Q: New Jersey Nets 95 - Cleveland Cavaliers 87


(On the game tonight): "I thought for the first time that we were the tired team tonight in the fourth quarter. Losing Mo hurt, but I thought they (Nets) just outworked us. You have to give them a lot of credit...anytime you give up 15 offensive rebounds or send a team to the free throw line 35 times, it's going to be tough to win. Having a young team, I think we're going to learn from back-to-back nights of having to face the same team. Again, this is a learning process for us. It's the eighth game of the season, so we have a long way to go."

(On the second half): "We didn't make shots...but the Nets did a much better job of staying with our guys. They did a much better job of getting through our screens. We still did a pretty good job of keeping the floor spaced, but I thought in the fourth quarter we got a little bogged down as well. We still need to move the basketball, like we did up there (New Jersey) and like we've done so many other times to be effective. I won't take anything away from what they did. New Jersey did a good job on the defensive end."


(On what the source is of their third quarter struggles): "I don't know. I think if we knew, it wouldn't happen. I just think it's something that we are going to have to figure out as we go along. I don't think that is something that you can practice; it's just something that has to happen. The switch is going to click here soon."

(On if they felt like they were tired late in the game playing the second half of a back-to-back): "I don't think so. I think guys have worked to this point to be able to withstand a back-to-back like that and be ready in the fourth quarter. I think some of the plays and some of the shots that we made last night just didn't happen for us tonight. I don't think it was a matter of us being tired."

(On their struggles at home so far this season): "We definitely have to clean it up. We have the best fans in the NBA and they need to see the best product that we can put out there on the floor. We are playing extremely hard; we just haven't brought those games home. I think that if they continue to stand behind us, we will continue to work and we will definitely become a better home team."


(On if he would like to play Saturday): "That's the goal. These injuries are tricky. You never know how your body will react to it. We will tackle it the right way, do the right things and I look forward to playing on Saturday."


(On Devin Harris and not wanting to let the team lose): "He was really persistent. He was tough mentally tonight; (he) fought through fatigue, which is one of the big things that we talk about, having mental and physical toughness. So, we had a little bit more of it tonight compared to last night. And give Cleveland a lot of credit, they played hard, and we just wanted it a little bit more. We talked about how bad do you want it, they really wanted it bad tonight. I'm proud of them."

(On the Cavaliers in 2010-11): "It's a different season in the history of their franchise. They're a different team. They're going to look to have maybe four, five, six, seven guys in double figures instead of maybe one guy and two other guys. They're a little bit harder to guard now: a lot of misdirection stuff with their offense, because you just don't quite know exactly where the ball is going."

(On Brook Lopez and the Nets Lineup): "You saw the lineup we had out there I thought it was pretty hot. That's one of the things that I like to do - I like to play the team that's clicking. I'm aware of that, that we had a guy on the bench that was our starting center, but the best decision for the team, giving our team the best chance to win tonight, it was those five guys out there on the floor."


(On the team's win): "We had guys play great all around. Favors gave us big minutes, obviously. Hump gave us huge minutes. Jordan hit some big shots, Dev was himself. It was just a great team win."

(On watching from the bench): "We won the game and everybody played well for the most part. We toughed it out at the end. It wasn't tough at all."


(On the game): "They got off to a great start at home. We took the fight to them. It wasn't perfect, but we did what it took. Guys fought. We had guys that were a little banged up, guys stepped up and filled the void for us, and like I said, it was good to crack down and get win."

(On his confidence): "I always have confidence. Are you kidding me? I just felt like, we needed a little bit more offensive push, especially to start the game, and in the third quarter, (we needed to) try to take away those lulls that we go through sometimes."

(On Kris Humphries): "He was huge for us: blocking shots, rebounding, doing all the dirty work down low, hard fouls, tough rebounds, blocking shots when we needed him, guarding the three man, four man, five man, pretty much whatever we needed him to do."

(On talking to Brook Lopez): "You go through lulls like this. He is still young. He is just realizing what it's like to be the number one option and have guys try to take you away. It's been a tough couple games but I have total confidence that he is going to bounce back and be the guy we need him to be."