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Stat Game: A Quick Peak at Tonight's Game.

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Tonight's game versus the Indiana Pacers is going to be an interesting game for the Cavaliers. The Pacers are playing back to back after beating the Miami Heat last night. A victory tonight would make the record for the Cavaliers go to 6-7.

Facts to keep in mind during the game:

  • The last team to beat the Miami Heat and play the cavaliers back to back resulted in a Cavalier victory.
  • Out of the past 20 games versus the Pacers the Cavaliers have won 15.
  • The Cavalier's bench scored 47 against the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday. The Cavalier bench is still leading the league in points per game at 46.1. (4.0 PPG over the 2nd place 76ers)
  • Over the past 7 games the Cavaliers have limited their turnovers to 12.0 per game. In this span that is the 2nd in the league only to Miami.
  • Daniel "Boobie" Gibson is averaging 14.1points, 4.1 assists, 3.3 rebounds, and 28.6 minutes per game. Ranking 3rd of NBA reserves for scoring and is 7.1 avg in 4th quarter is ranked 2nd. Scoring double figures in the past four straight games and 7 of the last 8.
  • Again it looks like everyone's healthy so the line up should be the usual.

Last but not least.

Go Cavs!