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Quotes From The Q - Mo Williams Buzzer Beater Beats Bucks


On the game tonight): "We talk about defense all the time and I thought, tonight, defensively, we got after them for 48 minutes. I think you could tell that both teams were playing with a little sense of urgency because they wanted to win this game. I thought our defense was fantastic for 48 minutes. I thought we honed into the thing that we talked about doing tonight and we pretty much stuck to them, which is a good thing. Our guys are really starting to trust each other on the defensive end. Offensively, I thought we had great shots, we just missed them, but our defense really kept us in it. I thought Mo was fantastic. Defensively, offensively, I thought he did a heck of a job on Jennings. Just really took the challenge, so it's good to see that. I knew he would bounce back." 

(On if he anticipated having to draw up a play at the end): "You always anticipate drawing up a play for the last second. There are very few times, if the ball doesn't go out or if you get a rebound, that you want to just take it down and not allow them to set up and you just run into something, a pick and roll or whatever you want to do at that time. For us, it's trying to keep the ball in the middle of the floor so we keep our options open. Having that timeout, we were able to draw up something, get Mo where he can iso on Jennings and he did a good job."

(On Mo bouncing back): "I had no worries about Mo bouncing back tonight. He didn't play really well last night, but neither did a lot of guys on our team. We had a little conversation this afternoon about him being a little bit more assertive, a little bit more aggressive and I thought he did just that on both ends of the floor tonight. I wasn't really worried about him bouncing back. I knew he would. He's a pro. Just like Andy. I wasn't worried about Andy not being ready to play. He came out with some big offensive rebounds towards the end that really, really secured the win for us."

(On if he wanted Mo to have the last shot): "I wanted Mo to survey the court and if he didn't have a shot, find the open guy. Having Boobie, Antawn, and AP out there, you really get to spread the floor pretty good. He found an open Boobie, Boobie just missed it. I think Mo made the right play."

(On Parker stepping up tonight): "(Parker) played well. He played extremely well on offense, extremely well defensively against Salmons and at times guarding Maggette who is a tough cover because he gets to the basket so good. I thought AP took the challenges well...When he had his shots, he was aggressive as far as looking for them and he knocked them down. This is a process that we're trying to get to. Guys are still learning, but this is a good step. Now the trick is to make sure we continue to take baby steps and not take steps backwards. Hopefully (in Friday and Saturday's games), we can continue to do that, especially on the defensive end."

(On Orlando Friday): "Obviously, they're one of the best teams in the NBA. Dwight Howard is a beast down there. They surround him with shooters, so it's almost pick your poison when you play (Orlando). We have to obviously take a look at some of the things that we hope we can do against them on the defensive end. The main objective when we go down there is obviously to win, but to battle and to compete. I think our guys did that tonight and hopefully we'll carry this on for the next couple months." 

(On how Andy's intensity helps the team): "It's contagious. Any time you have a guy that plays as hard as Andy, it's contagious. I thought all of our guys played that way tonight. That's how we have to play. We have to compete. We have to outwork people and we have to play with that type of passion and intensity and that effort. If we do that every night, obviously, we give ourselves a chance."


(On injuring his shoulder tonight): "That was probably one of the toughest hits I've taken in a long time. I came back here (locker room and got it worked on) and there was nothing that was going to keep me from being out there with my teammates and finishing that game. Happily, we got that win."

(On the importance of tonight's win): "It's big. We've been on a little skid of late and it stops that for us in a big way. It shows us that if we play defense for an entire game or for long periods like that, we will give ourselves a chance to win every night."

(On playing good defense for 48 minutes): "That has to be our staple. Like we always say, the offense is going to come and go. That's just how this league works. You play so many games. If your staple is defense and you bring that every single night, you'll keep yourself in games and you'll give yourself an opportunity to win."


(On him providing a spark offensively in the second half): "I thought the first half, we played well. We didn't shoot the ball well by any means, but I thought on the defensive end we competed and we got stops. In the first half, we had the same shots we made in the second half." 

(On if the offense came easier because they were clicking so well defensively in the second half): "For sure, without a doubt. Anytime you're working on the defensive end, it will come easier because guys will have their juices going because they are working hard on the defensive end. I'd say the first half was the same way. Your jump shots and scoring will come and go, one thing that should never leave is defense."


(On Mo Williams's game-winning field goal and Bucks problems): "It was a good shot. Brandon (Jennings) was trying to cover him. We took the foul to give and put them in a five-plus second situation there. The issue wasn't that (play). It was that we couldn't score again. It was the start of the third quarter and Mo was getting in and we weren't real competitive against him. We subbed multiple players, and no matter how many practices and how much we go over it, (we) don't know what we're doing. It's unacceptable. "

(On Mo Williams in the second half): "Our bigs weren't stopping him. We were soft on him a little bit to start the third (quarter). Then, he got going and we gave them (Cavs) 31 in the third quarter."

(On Bucks): "We were a little bit soft on both ends in the third and they got back in. You've got to assume that we're not going to blow them out of here just because we're up ten at halftime. When plays need to be made and we really need to execute, we're just kind of milling around and not being real professional about it, and, as a result, we're 5-9 and that's one of the main reasons why."

(On Cavs in the third quarter): "I don't want to take anything away from them, they played a good third quarter. But, it was basically Mo just breaking us down. And, we were a little bit flat-footed. But, we regrouped and Keyon (Dooling) came in and gave us a big lift and we took the lead back. It's just that we're not respectful enough yet of our execution on the offensive end. We'll come down and we'll either hold the ball too long or even though we'll run a set a 1,000 times, somebody just won't know it or be in the wrong spot. We won't screen when we're supposed to screen. Apparently, we think we're so talented that we don't need to do that. Hopefully, at some point, we'll shake out of it because in the past we've been a pretty good execution team."


(On another close loss): "Collectively, we had a lot of opportunities. We go through these phases where we don't make shots and that starts with myself. We do so many good things on defense, but offensively, we can't put the ball in the hole. They (Cavs) had a great possession and Mo hit a good shot, it's as simple as that."

(On Bucks): "We did a lot of good things. We were in a position to close the game out in the first half, and they kept chipping away. We didn't capitalize and it was the same thing in the second half, where we're not making shots. Then, teams start making shots. It's very frustrating."

(On Mo Williams difference from first half): "He wasn't aggressive in the first half. He was trying to get everybody involved in the first half. He took it upon himself to make some shots. He's one of the best at pick-and-roll shooting and stopping and popping. He made some really great possessions, scoring the ball for his team and put them in a great position to win like he just did."


(On losing after 10-point halftime lead): "Having a ten-point lead at the half, and losing it, then them making a run and us trying to execute down the stretch, we didn't really go too well down the stretch. We really didn't execute down the stretch and that kind of hurt us, too."

(On Bucks problems late in games): "I don't know, maybe brain lock or whatever. We run the plays every day in practice, so we should know them and he also draws them up on the board, so they shouldn't be that hard."