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Why The Cleveland Cavaliers Should Seriously Consider Signing Joe Alexander

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To me, it's a no-brainer. The Cavs should absolutely sign Joe Alexander off the Mavericks' D-League affiliate, the Texas Legends. The D-League rules aren't exactly widely-known, but here is how they're spelled out:

A Gatorade Call-Up occurs when a NBA D-League player is signed by an NBA team. For example, Blake Ahearn was called-up from the Dakota Wizards to the Miami Heat in 2008.

A player assignment is when an NBA player in his first or second season is sent to his team’s NBA D-League affiliate in order to acquire additional playing time. Each NBA team may assign no more than two NBA players at one time to play with its affiliated NBA D-League team (though each NBA team retains the right to make such assignments to other NBA D-League teams at its discretion). For example, Morris Almond was assigned from the Utah Jazz to the Utah Flash in 2008.

In this case, Joe Alexander, in his third year as a pro, would be a Gatorade Call-Up. He was drafted by Milwaukee in 2008 (averaging 4.7 ppg on 12 mpg), traded to Chicago in 2009 where he rode the pine without his contract being picked up, and then signed and subsequently released seven games into the season by New Orleans.

So why would the Cavs want a 23 (soon to be 24) year old journeyman on their roster?

Plain and simple, the bottom line is, what do the Cavs have to lose? They have arguably the worst SG/SF tandem in the NBA. Just look at the numbers. Of the active SFs on CBS's Player Rating system, Jamario Moon (22 mpg) is 40th, Joey Graham (20 mpg) is 50th and Jawad Williams (14 mpg) is 57th. Keep in mind that there are only 66 active SFs averaging over 10 mpg and numbers 62-66 are all rookies.

That's embarrassing. So tell me three things: 1.) why WOULDN'T you take a flier on a guy who was picked 8th overall just 2+ years ago, 2.) why in God's name did anyone make any fuss about Jawad Williams wanting to sign with the Heat over the summer and 3.) why is Jawad The Wad, who looks like one of the worst players in the NBA on a day-to-day basis, even on this team right now to begin with?

I say do it. And fast. Through two games, at 44 mpg (yes I know it's a small sample size and it's the D-League), Joe Alexander's Player Efficiency Rating is 24.5 (at 18.5 points, 14 rebounds and 5 assists). Jawad Williams' Player Efficiency Rating you ask? 6.4. That's good for 123rd among active Fs according to Joey Graham? 167th. His EFF is 3.2. THREE POINT TWO. And he's been STARTING games for the Cavs.

You can't tell me with a straight face that Joe Alexander would do any worse. He's never really been given a chance to play consistent minutes, and on a rebuilding team with no real viable SF options after losing the best SF in the game, what's to say he won't live up to his potential, even a little bit?

And while we're at it, let's freaking get rid of Anthony Parker already and be done with it. The man old enough to have listened to 8 Tracks as a kid couldn't defend a cardboard cutout of Wally Szczerbiak, and he takes some of the worst shots known to man. It's like he thinks he's Kobe Bryant out there sometimes. Not to mention, I seriously can't take him throwing his hands up Tim Duncan-style, whining after he gets caught dragging his feet and letting his arms do the defending on real-life actual NBA players.

His PER according to ESPN is 9.5. And he plays almost 30 minutes a game. To be fair, that's ONLY 5.5 lower than the average player in the NBA. Lord knows he's our best option...RIGHT!?

Look, I don't have a solution. I know it's out of necessity at this point to some extent, but go small more-- play Booby off ball, play a two PG set with Sessions and Mo. Try Manny Harris again, heck sign Rashad McCants off the Texas Legends too while you're down there. I don't care.

But for the love of God, every time Anthony Parker tries his headfake--slow-moving-crossover--fade-away-shot-that hits-the-side-of-the-backboard, a baby angel loses his wings and kills a dog in heaven. Please. All I want for Christmas is for Anthony Parker to be off this team.