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Cavs Chants Hope To Solve That Whole "What Do We Do When Lebron Comes To Cleveland" Thing

ESPN's Jay Crawford thinks one thing, WFNY gave their take and most everyone you'll talk to on the street or in a bar on the East or West side has their own opinion about how fans should react when Lebron James and the Heat come to Cleveland on Dec. 2, but one site and Twitter account is calling for "unity." @Cavs_Chants is taking a page out of Bill Simmons' book with their very own cheer sheets.

The Duke-esque idea may seem odd, but the premise, at least on the surface, is a good one: get everyone on the same page for the game on Thursday.

So what are we planning? Over the past few days we’ve started to ramp up twitter followers at www.Twitter.Com/Cavs_Chants in order to prompt the 20,562 packed inside the Q with various cheers and chants for the return of LeBron James. We want the fan effort to be one of unity and civic pride rather than violence and embarrassment, we hope you will join in this cause.

Solidarity seems to be the bottom line, but are cheers like "Akron Hates You" really "civic pride?" I guess you'll have to decide for yourselves.

What do you think? Is CavsChants a good idea? Misplaced? What do you think the fans should do on Thursday?