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Cleveland Answers LeBron's Question With Authority

Technology is a great thing.  For example?  How about YouTube.  YouTube allows the average joe to create and distribute to the masses quality video content.  It can be used to amuse, entertain, and sometimes for revenge.  Case in point?  LeBron James thought he was putting to bed the events of the past summer by doing what he always does - make light of the situation.  His latest Nike commercial basically tried to make James loook like a victim.

Cleveland wasn't going to take ANOTHER slap in the face lying down.

Below is why I love technolgy.  A group gets together, has a great idea, and puts out an outstanding video.  Thanks to youtube, the internet and Twitter, the video goes viral almost instantly, and just like that people are reminded of WHY us Clevelanders were so upset to begin with.  Enjoy it, Cavs fans, and give thanks for technology, for it allows EVERYONE to have a voice.