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What Should Our Expectations Be For This Home-and-Home With New Jersey?

Now that the first-place Cavaliers have won two in a row -- and even better, two in a row on the road -- what would be reasonable to expect from the home-and-home series that Cleveland is getting ready to play against New Jersey? Should we be content to split the pair? Would two losses bring down a pall of doom and gloom over the fans and -- maybe -- over the team?

New Jersey opened the season with two wins, but has now lost four in a row. At home they are 2-2, and on the road the Nets are 0-2. Do we say, if we lose in New Jersey: "Hey, can't win them all, let's get 'em at the Q", or have two consecutive wins spoiled us a little?

Frankly, with the momentum that both the Cavs and the Browns have now, I don't want to see the bubble burst anytime soon. But of course it will, especially with the Cavs. But it would be nice to see the bubble take a couple of weeks before doing that.

Does 1-1 in this back-to-back satisfy you? Does it disappoint? Would two losses have you looking for synchronized curmfurling as a viewing alternative to basketball? What say you, fellow Cavs fans?