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Quotes From The Q: Cavaliers Beat Nets 93-91


(On the Game):
"It was a good win. It was good to see Antawn Jamison out there hitting shots for us. We thought our bench and our guards would be one of our strong points. Tonight both of those things were evident. I told the guys at the end of the third quarter we were down by two points and we've been here before. Fourth quarter we tightened up on defense, made some good stops and really executed on the offensive end. We had a good run and spread the lead out a little bit. It was a good win."


(On picking it up a notch in the second half):
"With me not having such a good half, I took it upon myself to be more aggressive on the defensive end and grab a lot of rebounds and it got me going offensively."

(On doing a better job tonight with focusing down the stretch):
"We won the game. We were all focused in the last five minutes and we played great defense. We also played great on the offensive end."

(On responding to the critics who felt the Cavaliers wouldn't be as good to start the season):
"Like I've been saying, we all know what we have in this locker room, from players to the coaching staff, and all the way to the trainers. We know what kind of organization we have and what we're capable of."


(On how his knee feels):
No problem. I'm just trying to remain positive because it is something that happened last year and we were able to prevent it from being a problem in the playoffs. We just need to stay on top of things, but it felt pretty good. We just have to make sure to take the proper precautions."

(On the success of the bench tonight):
That's one thing about our bench and our team. We play unselfish basketball. If you got it going we're going to continue to go with you. I was able to get it going and really open up what we wanted to do offensively. There's going to be games where I'm spreading the floor or where I'm catching the ball in the paint and trying to score that way.

(On coming off the bench):
I think early on I was just trying to run the offense, and I think by me coming off the bench and being aggressive, it puts us in a better position to win games. I'm not going to do anything outside of our offense but I'm going to be more aggressive in finding my offense.


(On the game):
"Brook was making strong moves, and we started moving the ball really well. There was a stretch there where we gave up too many three point shots. We talked about it and looked at it, but we just didn't execute. Gibson got away from us. Jamison got away from us. Hopefully, with us playing this team tomorrow night, we can review it and do a much better job in those situations."

"It could have been worse with the way we played, especially in the first half. We didn't have a great second quarter, but we hung in there. We won the rebound game by one. We need to get to the free throw line more and be more aggressive. You can play all the defense in the world, but you're not going to win many games when you shoot 40% from the field."

(On Travis Outlaw):
"I liked his aggressiveness tonight; he was looking for his shot. I still thought he passed up one or two situations. We didn't get a great punch from the bench tonight like we needed to. We were searching for that. If we can get Travis to play like he did, and Morrow to play aggressively like he did against the Heat we should be okay."


(On the game):
"They had a few big threes in a row. I don't know if it was just miscommunication or what, especially on the Anthony Parker three. It's a loss, it's tough. They were on tonight. We missed a few open looks. But the good part is that they were good looks."

(Were you satisfied with your play?):
"Am I ever? I need to attack the basket a little more. I feel like a lot of my normal shots just rimmed out. It's been happening for a bit now. I just need to get some more reps in practice."

(On guarding Varejao):
"He is always moving. You can never count him out on the glass. There was one tough rebound especially where they air balled the shot. Obviously, that's a tough read. I was going back to boxing out and he got around me. (Early in the game) I was explicitly told not to bite on his pump fake, but I jumped hard"


(On the game):
"It was a tough one, we came out with a little bit more energy in the second half and the fourth quarter. We had a few defensive breakdowns, gave up some open threes and they made us pay for it. We also have to do a better job of controlling the pick and roll. In the first half we gave up too many layups, but in the second half Brook and Humphries did a great job."

(On early foul trouble):
"I have to find a way to stay on the floor and not get cheap fouls. It was my own fault, I had a defensive breakdown, gave up the middle, and paid for it with a foul. I have to be smarter than that and not put the team in a position to fight out of these holes late in the game."