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Cavs Head To South Beach Searching For Pride

The Cavaliers have lost 8-straight games.  The Heat have won 9-straight, all by double-digits.  This has to be a mis-match, right?  Yes, it is, but that's why they play the games.  The Cavaliers need a spark.  They need to show some effort against LeBron James and the Miami Heat this time, no national TV, everyone isn't watching this time.

The 118-90 loss to the Heat two weeks was more than a loss.  It deflated the Cavaliers.  It seemed as though, that night, they realized LeBron James was gone and he was never coming back.  Fight or flight?  They chose flight.  Tonight they can regain some of their pride and dignity.  Can they win?  I don't know, at 7-17 it is becoming less about wins and losses and more about trying to figure out who the pieces are moving forward.

What they can do is show they won't let LeBron, or anyone push them around.  That is what I am looking for, and hopefully we'll see a bit of that tonight.  Win or lose.