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Quotes From The Q: Cavaliers Lose 10th Straight

"The silver lining is us playing two straight games very hard. It's something to build on and stay together as a basketball team. I don't think we have the equipment to get down and come back. We don't have a rotation. As long as they play hard, we'll get through. 

(On tomorrow's game): "Hopefully we get some rest and come out tomorrow with some energy. The sixth man at home will help."

(On Daniel Gibson): "It was just an off night. I think their length hurt us too."

(On their team having energy): "I think so, our bench is a short rotation. They're coming in and playing with starters, so the energy carries over."

(On the Pacers): "Let's not forget, they've been playing some good ball. The last three games they might not think so."


"We just have to get a win. We're doing a good job of 36-40 minutes of pretty good basketball, but we haven't put up a full 40 minutes of basketball...So that's what's been really hurting us. I want wins. There are no consolation prizes in the NBA. We're all competing and putting ourselves in a situation to win games, but when we need to play smarter, when we need to get good shots, when we need to get stops, we're just not finding a way to put it together for 48 minutes. I know that character of this team. We'll continue to fight. We're staying positive."


"We're looking at the next game. We feel like we're going to win our next one. That's how you have to feel and it's how we feel. We feel like we're playing the games the right way. We're just not closing and finishing the right way. That's the next step."


"That was a good game; we did a lot of positive things. Danny (Granger) was very good and Roy (Hibbert) was a big factor in the second half with blocked shots. Darren (Collison) and T.J. (Ford) had 12 assists and two turnovers between them and got our tempo going. I thought Darren established the tempo at the beginning of both halves. We played a very solid basketball game."


"Coach told us all about being more assertive and you must be assertive on defense and set up the offense, because normally your shots are going to fall. We got on a roll and were able to turn this around. I went through a stretch there of not shooting the ball well. And in short, I might say I was coasting a little bit. We must stay focused and concentrate on each opponent one at a time."


"I thought we played better for 48 minutes. That's the only way that you can win basketball games. We came out focused and willing to help each other out and we played well enough tonight to get the win. As far as me, I felt very good out there."


"I wanted to make it a point to be aggressive and more alert on both ends of the court. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, and I can't do that. Coach told me to keep plugging away, keep working and my shots would drop. (On the importance of this game) We win at home, but we've got to be ready for Boston on Sunday."