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Frustration With Dan Gilbert Growing?

H/T to Scott over at WFNY for breaking this yesterday - I received a Tweet this morning pointing directly to

It isn't much fun being a Cleveland Cavaliers fan right now. Much of that angst had been focused directly on LeBron James. With the Heat having disposed of the Cavaliers twice already this season, and the team sitting at 8-20 in the Central Division, fans are beginning to get restless - back-to-back 60-win seasons will do that.

One fan has decided to take his frustration out on Cavaliers Owner Dan Gilbert. How? The self-described season ticket holder has purchased a sponsorship block on the Cavaliers page over at Take a look -


Dan Gilbert wasn't the only one to get targeted.  J.J. Hickson, who has received his fair-share of criticism this year, got dinged as well:


The Cavaliers do need to be careful they don't lead the fanbase to believe they are not trying to win - aka the Indians - or they could expect to see a ton of empty seats at The Q, as well as more angry fans taking their frustrations, and dollars, to the internet.