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The Aftermath: Daniel Gibson Tweets First

In today's social media age I rarely give a second thought to the post-game press conference.  That is so 1990.  No, I wait for the first player tweet to come across my TweetDeck.  Tonight, that tweet belonged to Daniel Gibson:


To the LOYAL fans of CLE.. I ThankYou for the Support 2nite! Amazing! "As your Team We didn't do our Job.." We Will Get Better! U Deserve Itless than a minute ago via Echofon


I like Gibson, a lot. I've never been a professional athlete, so I've never known, nor will I ever know, what was going on during tonight's game. Still, seeing the back-and-forth between the Cavaliers bench, including Gibson, and LeBron James with Cleveland down 20+ was hard to watch and something I really cannot understand....