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Major Moves Inevitable for the Cavs?

We can officially start saying that the Cavaliers are performing how everybody expected them to. We wanted to hush the critics after our win against Boston, but let's be real. With a record of 7-13, it might be time to start worrying.

The situation at the small-forward position has reached its climax. As a Jamario Moon fan/blogger, I feel your pain. Clearly he hasn't performed at all how we thought he would, or to the level he is capable of. Joey Graham hasn't given us any reason to smile either. Jawad came in and gave the Cavs 11 points and 6 rebounds, but is it time to start Antawn?

Byron Scott needs to find a stable starting five and stick to it. If nothing is working, we might need to test the trade market. Antawn is reliving his career in Washington right now, and not getting the starting nod with the record the Cavs have right now is just going to put him over the edge. Jamario never conformed to Princeton style offense, and the Cavaliers defense needs fine tuning.

However the biggest problem with the Cavs to this point is execution. Having formerly covered the Raptors, I can see this team following the same footsteps as the 2008 Toronto team. Especially last Thursday against Miami, the Cavaliers were throwing up shots early in the shot clock. Whether it was Boobie or Mo, the Cavaliers time management was extremely poor.

This team has the capability of making the playoffs as a low seed. The execution is key for the Cavs right now, and like Coach Scott said after their loss to Detroit, "I want someone in that locker room to get (peeved) besides me."

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