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Deepest team in the NBA

Heading into tonight's game against Denver, there are still a few questions that need answered about the lineup,

  • Is Antawn Jamison going to be in uniform and ready to play tonight?  (Brian Windhorst from the PD reports "no", but the official word isn't in yet)
  • Is Leon Powe going to be activated
  • How much longer before Mo Williams returns to full speed?
  • Is Delonte West fully recovered?

We won't get those answers for at least a few hours, so let's travel into the future....oh, say about a week and a half.

On March 1st, barring any injuries or major issues, this is what the lineup will look like;



Look over that lineup again.  It brings warm, fuzzy feelings, doesn't it?

This team is so deep, that there isn't room on the 12-man roster for Danny Green, Darnell Jackson, or even our newest acquisition, Sebastian Telfair.

There are eleven players on our active roster who can (and would) start for a lot of teams in the NBA.  All 12 have actually started games in the league.

We're as deep as we've ever been, and we've got two months to get it all clicking to perfection and make a run at the NBA Championship.

Damn, it feels good.