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Big Z agrees to buyout, countdown to return begins

The Washington Post and Yahoo Sports are reporting that Zydrunas Ilgauskas has agreed to a buy-out with the Washington Wizards, with paperwork expected to be completed in the morning.   The Plain Dealer's Brian Windhorst's Twitter also reported the news. Ilgauskas will then go on waivers for 48-hours - a formality since no one has the cap space to claim him - before becoming a free-agent.

Atlanta, Denver and Dallas are expected to kick the tires on Z, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Z even go on a visit or two during he 4 week vacation, but in the end there are simply too many good reasons for Ilgauskas to return to the Cavs on March 21st, 30 days after the trade that sent Z to Washington for Antawn Jamison.

According to Ilgauskas' agent Herb Rudoy, Z will choose a team by the end of the weekend.  Despite not being able to resign with the Cavaliers until March 21st, Z CAN SAY that he will return to Cleveland any time he wants.