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Trade Talk Heating Up for Cavaliers

We still have two weeks, and an All-Star Break, before the NBA Trade Deadline and the flurry of activity that comes with it arrives. For the Cavaliers, however, they are crunching their time frame a bit - so says Brian Windhorst of The Plain Dealer.

I have been pining for the Cavaliers to make a deal sooner, rather than later, if in fact a deal was going to be made. Easier said than done, no doubt, since the Cavaliers are hoping to give teams financial relief instead of talent for talent in any deal. That means that teams are likely to hold out for the best deal possible - a situation that usually goes down to the last minute on Deadline Day.

As Windhorst points out, the Cavaliers take team chemistry very seriously, and will take it into account with any deal -

With Mo Williams, Delonte West and Leon Powe all scheduled to return from injuries right at or shortly after the All-Star break, there's a feeling the Cavs want to make a move sooner rather than later to limit the turbulence to the roster with so many players coming back and roles changing.

The Cavs are usually quite conscious of team chemistry and consider it before making any move.

I agree. It is hard to mess with the chemistry of a team that has won 9 straight games, has the best record in the NBA(39-11) and is doing so with 2 major pieces injured. The comeback of Leon Powe could also be looked at as a trade acquisition since Powe has yet to play this season. If he can come back healthy, Powe will add energy off the bench, and he's a solid interior defender. You can never have too many of those guys.

Of course, there are those that still want the Cavaliers to make a deal, specifically for Antawn Jamison. According to Ken Berger of CBSSports, Jamison is still in play, and he says the driving force for a deal is LeBron James himself -

It's been well documented that the Cavaliers' infatuation with Antawn Jamison has been rekindled. What's been underplayed is the reason behind it: LeBron James is the one driving the team's pursuit of Jamison, according to a source, and Cavs GM Danny Ferry - as usual - is trying to appease the King.

Obviously LeBron does have a huge influence - literally and figuratively - behind any decision the Cavaliers make, but with the uncertainty around what LeBron will do this summer, the Cavaliers have to look deeper. They have to start looking at what the plan will be if LeBron does leave.

Right now, all these rumors are just that, rumors. If Windhorst is right - and he usually is pretty damn close - pay close attention as we head towards the All-Star Break.