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NBA Announces 3-Point Contest Participants, Cavaliers Shut-Out

When does disrespect take on a big, nasty shape all of it's own?  When it involves the NBA's best team, yes I said team, and the complete disregard it receives form the NBA.   In some ways I can live with the fact that LeBron James is the only member of the Eastern Conference All-Star Team.  I mean, all these teams with multiple members are somehow 5 or 6 games behind the Cavaliers in the standings, so it makes sense.

What I do find troubling is how the Cavaliers get completely overlooked for what many people think is actually better than the game itself - All-Star Saturday.  Specifically, the 3-Point Shooting Contest.  I'll admit, I don't exactly know the procedure for selecting the players that will be in the contest, but 3-point shooting efficiency is obviously not part of the equation.

First, let me tell you who IS in the contest, along with where they rank in 3-Pt Shooting as of right now - 


Chauncey Billups .415 14t
Daequan Cook .300 N/A
Stephen Curry .429 9t
Channing Frye .438 7
Danilo Gallinari .403 22
Paul Pierce .467 3

The Cavaliers are 2nd in the NBA as a team in 3-Point Shooting.  The Cavaliers have 3 players in the Top-10 -

Daniel Gibson .469 2
Anthony Parker .447 4
Mo Williams .429 9t

Am I missing something?  The Cavaliers have 3 of the best 3-point shooters in the NBA, have the NBA's best record, and will have ONE - say it with me - ONE representative at All-Star Weekend, and all LeBron James gets is beat-up by the media for not DOING MORE(read Slam Dunk Contest).

Feel free to give me you arguments for WHY Danilo Galinari should be in the contest instead of Anthony Parker.  Or WHY Daequon Cook, who's played in 31 games this season and is shooting 30% from 3-point land, deserves a spot over Daniel Gibson.   So what if Cook is the defending champion!

As recently as last night, Parker was still hoping to get the call, so I KNOW at least one Cavaliers would have jumped on a plane in a heart-beat to make it down there, even if Mo Williams(injury) and Gibson(child-birth) couldn't make it.

I know the obvious reasons - Stephen Curry sells shoes, and jerseys, and tickets.  Anthony Parker, well, doesn't.  But it is the height of hypocrisy to call the an 'All-Star Weekend', when the best of the best at what they are are unceremoniously not invited to the party.

Shame on you, NBA.