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Game #52 - New York Knicks at Cleveland Cavaliers Game Night Thread

2009/2010 NBA Regular Season
19-30 40-11
February 6, 2010
Quicken Loans Arena
7:30 PM et
Radio - WTAM 1100 / FSNOhio HD
Probable starters:
Nate Robinson PG Daniel Gibson
Wilson Chandler SG Anthony Parker
Danilo Gallinari SF LeBron James
Jared Jeffries PF J.J. Hickson
David Lee C Shaquille O'Neal

Ahh yes...Good times. The New York Knicks are in town - and their media - and you knows what that means. Well, tonight, not a lot. LeBron James did not speak to the media before the game, standing fast to his pledge of not talking about this summer during the season.

Ok, no Free Agency talk, how about the return of Larry Hughes? That should be fun, right? Nope - Hughes is out of the game with turf toe.

Anything else? Sure there is. There is another chance to remind LeBron that Cleveland is HOME and where he belongs. It is also another chance for LeBron to see just how bad the Knicks are - or, more importantly, just how far away they are from being a contender.


3-in the Key

1. The Cavaliers are off to their 2nd best 51-game start in team history(40-11). The team record, set last year, is 41-10. The Cavaliers are 28-6 in their last 34 games, best in the NBA.

2. Along with having the most wins in the NBA, the Cavaliers also lead the NBA in point differential(+7.4)

3. The Cavaliers have held their last 4 opponents under 90 points. The Cavs defense leads the NBA in defensive field goal percentage(.430) and opponent scoring(93.7)