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Fear the Links - 2/9/10 - Will West Return Vs. Nets?


Good Morning Cavs fans!  The Cavaliers put their 11-game winning streak on the line tonight at The Q against the dreadful New Jersey Nets.  I keep trying to think of ways the Cavaliers could fall into a trap tonight but I just can't think of a way, especially with the Nets likely to be without Devin Harris.  The hope is that Delonte West will return tonight as well, which would be a welcome sight.  The Cavaliers schedule gets much tougher after tonight - starting with Orlando on Thursday.  Now, on to the links!

Mentors LeBron, Shaq find a willing student in J.J. Hickson -
Second-year forward J.J. Hickson admitted he was a little intimidated when Shaquille O'Neal joined the Cavaliers last June.

 LeBron James is NBA Player of the Week -
In what is pretty much a weekly occurrence, LeBron James was named the Eastern Conference Player of the Week, for games played Feb. 1-7.

 Delonte West expected to return to lineup for Cleveland Cavaliers -
Cavaliers guard Delonte West is expected to return to the lineup for Tuesday's game against the New Jersey Nets, according to teammate Mo Williams.

 Will Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne get flak for skipping out on post-game handshakes? | Starting Blocks -
Will the Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne receive the same ridicule that LeBron James received after he failed to shake hands with the Orlando Magic after losing in the Eastern Conference finals?

Cleveland Cavaliers lose water fountains over health concerns - ESPN
Thirsty basketball fans cheering on the Cleveland Cavaliers will have to wait at a concession stand the next time they want a sip of water. No rest for gimpy Nets
LeBron James probably doesn’t think about the Nets too often, but tonight will be one of those times. Only the reigning MVP’s thoughts will be on beating them, not joining them.

Shaq steps up for Cavs 
Cavaliers center Shaquille O'Neal has had to step to the forefront a little bit earlier than planned.

 Marla Ridenour: Is Cavs' fountain decision all wet? 
Finding water in the arena has become more of a challenge since November, when the Cavs decided to remove all water fountains because of the outbreak of H1N1 flu.

 Injuries make NJ Nets' challenge against LeBron James and Cavaliers even tougher -
As if it isn’t challenging enough to play against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, who only own the NBA’s best record, at 41-11, the 4-46 Nets may be forced to do so Tuesday night without their best player, Devin Harris, who once again is banged up, this time with a sprained left shoulder Bryant unsure about playing in All-Star game
Kobe Bryant isn't sure if he'll play in this weekend's NBA All-Star game in Dallas because of his sore left ankle. In world of trade talk, chatter rarely lives up to hype
Weeks of speculation that almost never pan out and aren't anchored by any kind of reality. If it's not an agent looking to place his client(s) somewhere else, it's a GM, on orders of his silent owner, looking to create a market for a player he wants to to ditch. Even the "truth" of something, like Team A is shopping a player, is normally calculated by Team A for its own self-interest. Plus, almost everyone is lying this time of year; the teams that are really looking to do something deny it even when they're caught red-handed.