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Peripheral Vision - Thursday's NBA Action

OK, I know that the rest is good for LeBron and Antawn, but three days without Cavalier basketball is killing me!

Keeping an eye on our closest competition tonight....only two games worth noting.

Chicago at Orlando Magic, 8pm EST
Two teams headed in opposite directions. The Magic have won 6 in a row and are solidifying their #2 seed in the playoffs. Meanwhile, Chicago has dropped their last 5 games and are a full game out of the playoffs. If they don't turn it around fast, they're finished. They won't turn it around tonight. Maybe Sunday against Miami?

Atlanta at Washington, 7pm EST
Atlanta has been an afterthought all season, despite posting an excellent record. A win tonight puts them in sole possession of the 3 seed in the East. Boston's failures will be Atlanta's bonus, if they can beat the new-look Wizards.

I don't expect to see an upset in either of these games.  In fact, I think Atlanta and Orlando are on a collision course for the second round of the playoffs.