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Shaq's mom, Lucille O'Neal, to sign her book at The Q

The Cavaliers are pleased to welcome Lucille O'Neal, mother of four time NBA Champion, 15-time All Star and Cavs center, Shaquille O'Neal to Quicken Loans Arena to meet fans and sign her new book "Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go: From Mental Welfare to Mental Wealth," prior to the start of the Cavs vs. Milwaukee Bucks game on Wednesday, March 31st.  Ms. O'Neal will meet and greet fans on The Q's concourse between 5:45-7:00 p.m.  (Yes! Shaq will stop by for a brief appearance.)

WALK LIKE YOU HAVE SOMEWHERE TO GO.... From being an unwed teen mother and creating a stable home for her children, at times with the help of public assistance; to coping with her unexpected feelings of anger and resentment towards her son's blinding success; to battling alcohol addiction; to making the painful decision to end a marriage of nearly 30 years, Lucille opens up about the behind-the-scenes personal dramas and triumphs which have made her the determined, compassionate and resilient woman she is today.  "What's most important to me is that young women today know they shouldn't doubt God or their own abilities.  It is important for me to talk to them about this because I doubted both for so long, and I lost a lot of valuable time questioning my self-worth," says Lucille. "If I am able to prevent just one young person from having to spend any of her precious time or life wondering if she matters, I will have done my job." 

Copies of the book will be on sale in the Cavaliers Team Shop.