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LeBron James to sit out tonight against Bucks

In writing my game preview in the Open Thread, I said it was about time for LeBron to get some rest, that the Cavaliers had a buffer in the standings and LeBron had been strung out playing so many minutes with the Cavaliers short handed in recent weeks at PG and now C.  

I guess Mike Brown was listening.

James will get the night off, calling it a coaches decision and not related to the couple of twisted ankles he suffered last night against the Pistons.

"He has played a lot of minutes for us, and I felt it would be good for him and for the team to hold him out.  This is my decision based on the minutes I think he has played and his body and all that other stuff.  This is a coaches decision, so I'm holding him out. He has carried a big load, not only scoring, but the minutes he has played. He has played a high volume of minutes for us because of the injuries, because of the new guys coming in and me trying to shuffle things around. Even though at times, he may not like it, even he needs to sit down and rest and recouperate."

Jawad Williams will get the start at Small Forward tonight for the Cavaliers