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LeBron's status unknown, Daniel Gibson returns

LeBron James is being labeled a 'Game-Time' decision by Mike Brown for tonight's matchup with the Spurs at The Q.  James missed Saturday's game in Milwaukee in what was described as a "Coach's Decision', though watching LeBron try and walk on his tender right ankle every time the camera panned to him during the telecast it had to be an easy 'decision' to make.

In a bit of good news, Daniel Gibson has returned to the team after missing 4 games due to the birth of his first child.  It should be a welcome sight with Mo Williams really struggling.   

Since scoring 22 points at Toronto on Feb. 26, Williams has made just 13 of 46 shots (28.2 percent), including 6 of 23 3-pointers (26 percent.) The slump hit its nadir in Saturday's 92-85 loss at Milwaukee, where Williams, a former Buck, made just 3 of 17 shots, including 1 of 7 3-pointers.

Gibson has been solid all year and I hope he gets some burn tonight.