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An Open Letter To Mo Williams

We here at Fear The Sword would like to start off by congratulating you on a beautiful game against San Antonio.  17 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists are the numbers that everybody hoped you'd come up with, and you didn't disappoint any of us.  You started off strong and you finished strong.  You played like the All-Star point guard that we want you to.

But it's not enough.  You have to do it again.  And again.

It's no secret that a large percentage of Cavalier fans pinned the loss to Milwaukee on you.  3-for-17 from the field was indeed the blinding statistic of the night.  Within hours of that loss, you did the right apologized to your fans via Twitter, and you owned that loss like a man.  The apology was exactly what we needed to hear from you;

I apologize to all my fans and Cavs fans for a shitty performance to say the least. I will get past this a get better, stay with me pls

Speaking on behalf of Cavalier fans, we accept your apology under one condition;

You make yourself accountable for 28 points every game, through both scoring and assists combined.

If you want to break that up evenly and get 14 points/7 assists, that's cool.  We don't care if you score 0 and have 14 assists.  Have a monster night and get all 28 by yourself.  It doesn't matter.  Just have 28 points on that scoreboard as a result of your able hands, sir.

Against San Antonio, you were accountable for 35 points.  You scored 17 points and you had 8 assists for another 18 points (two of your assists were on three-pointers).  Again, thank you Mo Williams.  That's how you follow up the perfect apology, by eliminating the behavior that forced the apology in the first place.

Now go do it again, please.

I guarantee you, Mo.  If you give us 28 a night, there will be a championship for the city of Cleveland.  We've been dreaming of that for our entire lives, and if you give it to us, you will never again have to apologize to us for anything.

Thank you, sir.  Go Cavs!