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SBNation's 2010 NBA Awards Announced

The various bloggers from around the NBA Network took some time last week to vote for who we thought was deserving of the NBA's post-season awards(and came up with a few of our own).  You can see the full results here.

As for the MVP, I'll give you a hint - he wears #23.  When asked to give my thoughts on LeBron's season, here is what I provided -

"What can really be said about LeBron's season that hasn't been already? LeBron is the best player on the best team -long considered a major reason to give someone the MVP Award in the past. For James, however, his ‘Value' to the Cavaliers goes much deeper. He's not the scorer Kobe is, or even Kevin Durant, because he chooses not to be-that's not what the Cavs need from him. On some night he's the facilitator. On other nights he focuses on defense and rebounds. Whatever the Cavaliers need, LeBron gives them - and most night he's the best player on the floor in any given discipline.

Perhaps nothing defines this more than a stretch of games in late January/ Early February when the Cavaliers were down to their last PG. Mo Williams and Delonte West were both out with injuries. Daniel Gibson - more of a 2-guard himself-was pressed into starting at the point with LeBron backing him up, especially at crunch time. While LeBron would prefer not to be the PG, he did it, and most nights was the best point guard on the floor.

In the 9 games both West and Williams were out, the Cavaliers went 9-0 with LeBron averaging 10 assists per game. LeBron did this while leading the team in scoring in 8 of those games. That is the value of LeBron James. He can play anywhere on the floor, fill any role. That's why James will easily win his 2nd consecutive MVP Award.

Anything to pass the time until we get to Saturday!