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Welcome Back, Noah

Well, hello again Joakim Noah.  I am sure that you wish that you were anywhere but here, in our so-boring city again.  Maybe, someday, your team will actually win home court advantage in the playoffs and you will only be subjected to three road games in each series, instead of a potential four, in case a series with the Cavs darkens your horizon again.

Be that as it may, and given the esteem you seem to have for our environs, I felt it only appropriate to show you some of the love you showed us with your unsolicited broadside against our town the last time you were here.  I have shortened this show of love down to one verse, since I am not at all sure that you will ever actually read it, and heaven forbid that I bore the other readers who already have to suffer such tedium in Cleveland.

Anyhow, without further ado:

Welcome Back, Noah (to the tune of "Welcome Back", by John Sebastian, from the TV series "Welcome Back Kotter"


Welcome back, a loss is your ticket out

Welcome back, to the place you ran your mouth about

Well some games have been played since you hung around

But the fans don't forget, in our humble town

Who'd have thought we'd see ya

     (who'd have thought we'd see ya)

Back here where we beat ya

     (back here where we beat ya)

Yeah, we tease you a lot

'Cause we got you on the spot

Welcome back

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back


Okay, seriously, maybe that sucked, but...Joakim, you've been a pretty darned fine player in this series, and the 20-20 you put up on Sunday should be cause for much admiration, even if you did post those numbers in a blow-out loss.  Regardless, your play could have earned some praise, instead of the contempt you're probably going to feel pouring out of the arena tonight.

Wait, what's that you say?  Maybe you planned your verbal slap in the face of our city to divert attention from the rest of your team so they could maybe slip in under the radar and win this series?  Okay, granted that it is possible that you did have such a Master Plan.

How's that working out for ya so far?

Anyhow, we will do our best, I assure you, to make absolutely sure that you won't have to come back anymore until late autumn or early winter.  In fact, just to show the love, I think we will just make sure of that tonight.