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Cavs Lose, Lakers Lose, Cavs Win

While vacationing here in Florida I was unable to see much of the Cavaliers/Celtics game.  Looking at the highlights, however, it looked like a classic - especially in the 4th Quarter.  LeBron going 0-9 from 3 is a bit troubling, as is the Cavaliers continued struggles from the free throw line.

More on those tidbits another time.  Despite the Cavs loss, the Lakers fell to the Spurs in San Antonio 100-81 clinching Home Court advantage throughout the playoffs for the Wine and Gold.  Sure, that is a nice accomplishment, but it didn't help the Cavaliers last season.

The Cavaliers are a year older, a year wiser, and filled with playoffs experience.  With 13 days until the playoffs begin, the Cavaliers can now do whatever it takes to get their minds - and most importantly their bodies - ready for the long run - a run to a Championship!