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What's Next? And a Far-fetched Idea

Now that this unpredictable series has finished four games, and has become a best-of-three, what do you think will happen in the next two or three games?  Will the Cavaliers figure out a way to keep Rajon Rondo from wreaking havoc on the inside?  If so, what in your opinion is the best option for accomplishing this?  Will LeBron James be able to get back to doing what he did so well in Game Three, and if not, why not?  Was the poor shooting from the Cavs in Game Four a function of simply having an off game or is it something more?  Will Shaq rebound, both figuratively and literally?  He did, after all, have 17 points in Game Three and is not a happy camper now after sitting the bulk of the fourth quarter yesterday.  Can Delonte West shake off an 0 for 7 performance?  Will Mo Williams find the rhythm he had earlier in the playoffs?  Can Anderson Varejao regain his controlled chaos and once again be a truly disruptive force on defense?

Please, vent, break out your finest crystal and look into the future of the next two or three games.

And now for a far-fetched idea.  Let us assume for a moment that LeBron's teammates and coaches know no more about his plans than we, the fans, do.  This may not be true, but for the sake of argument, let's say that it is.


Is it possible that there is extra pressure on the Cavaliers not wearing # 23?  Is the team tightening up in close games for fear that if they do not 'have his back', he will be more inclined to leave?

To be blunt, is the uncertainty over LeBron's future hurting the Cavaliers in the here and now?

It sure seems to me that when LeBron struggles at all, the rest of the team tightens up and misses shots and doesn't have the fluidity to fight for rebounds and run the floor on D.  Maybe it is just me, but when LeBron struggles, this team sometimes seems to play scared, afraid of failure and thus sometimes failing.

Your thoughts, please.