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RUMOR - LeBron James Has Torn Elbow Ligament?

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UPDATE -- When asked earlier today about his elbow, LeBron, for the first time, admitted that it was an issue that will need addressed after the season - 

"The elbow is an issue I'll deal with in the offseason."

Again, make your own judgments....


Warning, Warning, Warning!  This was forwarded on to me by someone I trust, that has no reason to lie.  That said, I am treating it as a rumor.

According to this unconfirmed rumor, a  medical professional close to LeBron James is suggesting James is suffering from a torn ligament in his right elbow - 

Lebron has a torn ligament in his elbow that should keep him out 6 to 8 weeks. He's trying to play through it and not complain, so the media doesn't know it's that serious. Before game 4 he had a shot in the elbow to numb it. You can only get the shot once every 10 days, so last night he couldn't do it.

I was also told that LeBron did the main damage to the elbow on the same play I had talked about a couple weeks ago right here.  I'll re-post the video at the end to remind everyone.

What this means I'll leave up to you to decide.  If true, does it forgive LeBron's indifference on and off the court?  Does it explain away consecutive home blow-out defeats?  Your call.  What it does explain, at least for me, is the flat trajectory of LeBron's jump-shot.  So much of a jump-shot comes from the elbow and forearm.  

In today's Per Diem column, John Hollinger gives further reasons why the elbow is bothering LeBron more than he, or anyone else, is letting on -

Thus, the most logical conclusion is the elbow was a major factor, and it affected LeBron mentally as much as it did physically. We have one other data point to support us: his track record in this series. Since Game 5 of the Chicago series, James' effectiveness has directly correlated with how much rest he had between games.

Witness: Games 2, 4 and 5 came with just one day of rest; in those three he shot 0-for-13 on 3s and 17-for-47 overall. Games 1 and 3, on the other hand, had an extra day of rest beforehand, which seemingly allowed his elbow to feel much better: In those two contests he was a one-man wrecking crew, making 26-of-46 from the floor and scoring 73 points. Needless to say, those were the two Cleveland wins in this series.