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Eastern Semi's Game 6 - Boston 94 - Cavaliers 85 - Darkness Falls

First things first. 

Congratulations, Boston Celtics.  You earned this series win, there was nothing cheap about it.  You, as a team, a very effective and cohesive team, won, and good luck in the next round against Orlando.

Cavaliers fans, the pot of gold will, for another year at least, continue to rest just over that hill up ahead, the hill we can see, but never seem to completely scale.  But for now, darkness has again fallen on a season, a season that both began, and ended, with a loss to Boston. 

Was the effort there tonight?  Yes, it was much more evident than it was on Tuesday, and Mo Williams deserves high praise for bringing offense in the first half, and keeping it close.  LeBron James had hopes rising fast in the fourth quarter when back-to-back threes had Cleveland down by only four, at 78-74, but that was truly the last gasp, that moment after the threes when Boston called time-out and regrouped.

The Cavs were done in by 38% shooting, by 22 turnovers, and by the Celtics' bench outscoring Cleveland's by 11, as well as by strong contributions once again from Rajon Rondo and Kevin Garnett, who ended with a double-double.

It is over, and whether or not Mike Brown will still be our coach after this, or whether LeBron James will stay or go after this....those are questions for another day.

Tonight, I need your forgiveness, because I cannot write anymore about this game right now.  If you think that is irresponsible from someone who writes often and voluminously for this site, I can only fall back on this:  I am a Cavaliers fan, and tonight, I am disappointed and a little heart-sick.  Earlier today I wrote a column to try to drum up some faith for tonight, and I believed when I wrote it that we would win.  Reality is setting in, and I need some time to process it.

So please, my dear Cavaliers fans who have been so kind to me during my time here, so far...indulge me, as I bid you goodnight.

There will be a tomorrow, for you, for me, and for the Cleveland Cavaliers.