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Initial Reaction: Good Job, Dan Gilbert

I had to laugh today, and thank goodness for rumors for enabling me to find something to laugh about.

Earlier this afternoon there was a hot rumor that Mike Brown was going to be fired this very day.  ESPN had ponderous scrolls across the bottom of the screen that made it seem as if it might be a done deal, based on a story on, until one intrepid reporter mentioned that it had been assumed that it was going to happen because the Cavs' owner was holding a press conference at around 2:30, but wasn't confirmed other words, some talking head on the street probably started a rumor which became, through natural progression, fact, until someone professional in the media slowed the train down while it was still on the track.

For now, at least, Mike Brown is still the coach of the Cavaliers.  I am not going to give an opinion here as to whether he should stay or go.  You all have your own opinions, some based on logic, some based on emotion, and I also have my opinion, but I am going to do a Dan Gilbert, and wait and see.

Yes, that is what Dan Gilbert basically said he is going to do for the next little while.  Analyze, evaluate, talk with some very relevant individuals in the organization, and then base his decision on all of those factors.  And I say bravo to that.

A shrewd business person does not make changes based on knee-jerk reactions to the emotions of the moment.  What he or she does is to look at all factors, at the upsides and the downsides to all major decisions  Even when he or she has done that, they take a final look and make sure all the T's are crossed and all the I's dotted before rendering a final decision.  That is how businesses succeed in tough times, and it is what gives a business's employees confidence when times are good.

Now it may be that LeBron James's decision to stay in Cleveland, or to go, is tied to whether a coaching change is made.  Or it may not be tied to it at all.  He has not said either way, and I think that Gilbert is to be applauded for doing the professional thing and seeing things through for a while. 

I mean, can you imagine how silly the Cavs would look if they fired Brown to try to influence LeBron and then LeBron turned around and said that it wouldn't matter who was coach?  It would look like the ship not only had no anchor, but was adrift without a rudder.

I applaud Dan Gilbert for stepping back, taking a breath, and saying, basically...Okay folks, we see the situation, I see it clearly, and I will do whatever is best for this team, and, by extension, for our loyal fans.  But we will not do anything because people are hot under the collar, we are going to let things cool down, and make logical choices on personnel and the future.