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Boston vs. Orlando Game One Halftime Report - A Monkey Wrench in the Works?

It is only the first half of the first game in the series, and those of you who remember the painful details of the opening game of the Cleveland-Orlando series of last year will recall that the Cavaliers had a sizable halftime lead at home in Game One and yet ended up losing as Orlando made all the necessary halftime adjustments and blitzed the Cavs in the second half.

That being said, does Boston's 41-32 intermission lead say more about the Magic falling prey to what might have hurt the Cavs last year:  Too much rest after eight straight wins in the first two rounds?  Or maybe - just maybe - are we really seeing the Celtics who began this season 23-5?  And if we are seeing those Celtics...does it give you pause to reflect on whether knee-jerk reactions to Cleveland's loss against Boston were a bit of an over-reaction?

Just food for thought after a (for me, at least) surprising first half in Orlando.  Of course, should Orlando come back and win, disregard this post, which might just self-destruct in 20 seconds (grins).