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What's Your Best Cavaliers Memory?

I really am trying to help everyone to pass the time until some - shall we say important - decisions are made about the immediate future of the Cavaliers.  These days and nights without Cleveland basketball seem much worse this year than last year.  Maybe that's because the Finals last year lasted only five games, and thus, the basketball season was over by the time the hangover from the Cavs' loss subsided.  This year?  This year, all the weeks ahead seem daunting.  I want to turn my back on the rest of the NBA season, file it and forget it, but there it is, still going strong and with many weeks still to go.  I want to be able to ignore it, but I just can't.  Maybe that is because I love the game almost as much as I love my team, and so I will read almost as much about the games as I did when the Cavaliers were still alive.  When it comes to Boston vs. Orlando, I will pay much more attention than I will to the "other" series, not because Lakers-Suns isn't potentially appealing, but because there just isn't any way that I am going to stay up until midnight to actually watch their games.  If the Cavs were still alive, then yeah, it would be worth it, know.

Anyhow, the point here is to help you to get through this interminable May and June until we have something really crucial to talk about.  I assume - since there are still an abundance of fan posts on various threads - that you still come to Fear the Sword, maybe to read the articles, or maybe because coming here helps you to get past the sadness and focus on the future.  Or maybe you come here because not coming here would be too much like letting go of the season just past.

So, once a week or more, I am going to challenge you to go back into the past of your relationship with the Cavaliers.  Maybe stir up some good memories.  Maybe sometimes stir up some bitter memories which will help us to see this season as part of the continuum of "Wait Until Next Year"....someday, maybe someday soon, "Next Year" will arrive.

Until then...just to get us started here...what is your best all-time Cavaliers memory?  Mine is the Miracle of Richfield, specifically Games Five and Seven against the Bullets.

And yours is..........?