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EC Finals Game Two - Boston 95-Orlando 92 - Just for rabidmonkey

Okay, I shouldn't get personal with someone who comes on FTS and says disparaging things about the Cavaliers.  I really shouldn't, it is not professional.  Doesn't feel real good, doesn't take away the sting of our own defeat.

But just this once, it doesn't feel altogether bad either.

Last night, intrepid Cavs-basher rabidmonkey "contributed" to my story on "Best Cavaliers Memory" the fact that his best Cavaliers memory was his Orlando Magic beating Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals last year.  Needless to say, I was not amused.  Neither were some other Cavs fans.  I even went so far as to delete his post, which does not say a lot, maybe, about my maturity.  But it was the principle of the thing I think.  After all, this is a Cavaliers blog, and if you have followed my "history" here, you know that I welcome fans of other teams posting as long as they are above board.  That includes several Celtics fans as well as some Magic fans who contributed intelligently to our threads, even if they naturally favor their own teams.  That's all good, as you younger whipper-snappers say (lol).

Anyhow, I bring all this up because, after deleting his post, I went so far as to say "Go Celtics", to, you know, kind of let him know what I thought of his blatant slap at Cleveland.

Oh, about the game last night?  Because I assume you are reading this to actually find out a little about the game and not to glean my fascinating thought process (he said, tongue firmly in cheek)......Boston, aided greatly by two missed Vince Carter free throws in the final minute, and a mental lapse from J.J Redick, hung on once again in Orlando to win Game Two of their series with the Magic, 95-92, to take a commanding 2-0 series lead going back to Boston for the next two games.  Redick, after rebounding a missed Celtics' shot with less than ten seconds to go, began to dribble toward mid-court before a time-out was called, and thus Orlando could not bring the ball in in the forecourt after the time-out, costing them dearly as a mad rush from the backcourt led to an air-ball on a three attempt from Jameer Nelson at the buzzer, and the end to a possible final game in Orlando's Amway Arena.

Rajon Rondo?  25 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists.  Paul Pierce?  28 points.

Good thing the Celtics are too old and too slow to win.  It would really be unfortunate for rabidmonkey if they turned out to be a well-coached, disciplined and mature team.