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EC Finals Game Six - Boston 96, Orlando 84 - The Old Men earn some Rest

The Boston Celtics are in an unenviable position this morning, knowing that they will head into the NBA Finals on Thursday without home-court advantage.  Must be a tough task to face.  Luckily for the Cavaliers, we have not had to overcome such a daunting task at any time in the past two seasons.

Oh, wait...never mind.  I almost forgot that the old, washed-up, injury-prone Celtics have already faced home-court disadvantage twice this post-season and gone 8-4 in those two series.

Okay, seriously...congratulations, Celtics, on returning to the Finals after a one-year absence following a thoroughly convincing 96-84 victory last night over the Orlando Magic.  The ingredients for the triumph were pretty some defense, watch the opponent go cold from the field for much of the game (odd how those two seem to go hand-in-hand), and be a team, ready to play, including bench players (Nate Robinson) picked up in trade who bring mega-energy and take over the game long enough to allow an injured starter to rest on the bench (well, actually, prone on the floor near the bench) for an extended period of time.

Rajon Rondo lit the fuse in the first quarter before getting hurt, Robinson took over the second quarter with drive and energy, Ray Allen sank two immediate threes out of halftime to set the tone for the third quarter, and all that was left was to be mature with the ball, and to hold on to a lead which never stopped feeling safe.

You know...that 'team thing'.  Works pretty even when a critical part is out because of injury.

Enough rambling.  You know what I am hinting at.  Teams win when they play like a team and overcome some adversity and don't cave in to it or make excuses.

Congratulations Boston Celtics.