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Another MRI Upcoming for LeBron's Elbow

It might be the most famous body-part in the world, with all do respect to Peter North.  LeBron James and his gimpy elbow are in the news again, and I can't realy say the news is that encouraging - 

It will be the second MRI James has had on the elbow. Last week, after the first-round series against Chicago was over but before the semifinals started, James had an MRI and was diagnosed with a strain and a bone bruise in the elbow.

By my count it is the 3rd MRI, with LeBron receiving one after Game 4 of the Bulls series as well, but that's no matter, the fact that LeBron continues to go under the camera tells us the arm is bothering him big time.  That is a big time concern, obviously, for the Cavaliers and us fans.

To be fair, LeBron's numbers look just a daunting as ever.  Since the injury flared up, however, the problem has been LeBron's aggressiveness, especially in the 1st half of Games 1 and 2 against Boston.  Since the rest of the Cavaliers seems to get their edge and confidence from LeBron, well, when he doesn't seem to have neither does the rest of the Wine and Gold.

While LeBron has played on gimpy ankles before, this is likely the first time he has had to deal with an injury as 'temperamental' and nagging as the elbow.  LeBron looks indecisive and unsure because he is.  He doesn't know if or when the elbow will begin to hurt.  By the 4th Quarter, much of the fear is gone since the game is coming to an end.  LeBron let's it go a bit and plays his usual style of basketball.  For the first 3 quarters, it is a different story.

Even a LeBron James going at 80% is better than most players in the NBA.  It isn't good enough, however, to make up for a team that is, in large part, not playing well defensively or hitting shots.  The rest of the series will be determined by which happens first - LeBron gains confidence and sees improvement in the elbow, or his teammates pick him up.  The clock is ticking.