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Cavaliers Plan B? Byron Scott

By now everyone knows the infatuation that Dan Gilbert has with Tom Izzo. Izzo is scheduled to be in Cleveland today to meet with Chris Grant and tour the facilities. The word on the street is the meeting between Grant and Izzo will go a long way towards determining whether or not Izzo takes the job. Specifically, Izzo wants to know what Grant has in mind for the Cavaliers should LeBron James be playing elsewhere next season.

What if Izzo doesn't like what he hears? What if he gets cold feet and decides to stay in East Lansing?

Enter former Nets and Hornets coach Byron Scott, who has reportedly had conversations of his own with the Cavaliers. The report goes so far as to say that Scott and Izzo are on 'equal footing' in the eyes of the Cavaliers. Scott, however, isn't likely to get $6 million per year, or use of the Quicken Loans Air Force, however.

There is even talk that LeBron James has reached out to Hornets' PG Chris Paul to find out what it is like to play for Scott.

All this has my head spinning, and it is only June 10. We still have 3 weeks to go until the real circus begins, but it is clear that the Cavaliers want a Head Coach in place sooner rather than later. So I have to ask...