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NBA Finals Game Four - Celtics 96, Lakers 89

The NBA Finals will be finishing in Tinsel Town.

A startling surge led by the reserves at the beginning of the fourth quarter last night carried Boston past Los Angeles, 96-89, tying the championship series at two games apiece, and setting up a pivotal fifth game on Sunday night in Boston, after which both teams will jet to the West Coast for at least one game in L.A. on Tuesday night.

"Big Baby" Davis scored 9 points in the final quarter, and a 13-2 run with only Ray Allen on the floor of the starters basically decided the game, after the Lakers led by 2 after three.

It still hurts a little to see Boston where they are, doesn't it?  But then, it is also not such an awful thing to see the team which ended our season acquitting itself so well as the playoffs wind down.  It is clear to see - actually it was clear to see when the Cavs were knocked out - that there is nothing fluky about the Celtics.

Besides, the Indians took the last two games against the Red Sox this week.  So there, I say!